I love the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s annual Walk for Change.  It’s an event for survivors of sexual violence, their family and friends, and advocates.  This year, I’m walking with my husband and 8-month old baby boy.  I want to teach my son how to be a compassionate friend to people who are hurting, and to be a fierce advocate on behalf of others.  I don’t want him to feel helpless in the face of trauma or tragedy.


I didn’t have a choice in what happened to me as a kid.  But I did have a choice in how I kept going afterwards.  So I put one foot in front of the other and just kept going.  At times, I didn’t know why I was walking or where I would end up, but I just kept on keeping on.  Here I am, over 30 years later, standing on my own two feet, ready to help guide others into healing.


It’s hard to know what to do when someone you love is impacted by sexual violence.  It’s a horrible thing to think about and try to understand.  But helping is actually not that complicated.  You can walk with survivors through to the other side.  You can speak up when it’s time to speak up.  You can stand up when it’s time to stand up.  And you can support organizations like the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center who advocate for survivors every single day.


You can walk or you can stay still.  It’s that simple.


Please support our little walking team, and learn more about the great work of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center!