How Can I Help?

Join Sarah’s work to normalize conversations about sexual violence

Sarah’s emerging nonprofit, The Uncomfortable Conversation, Inc., currently seeks partners on a ground-breaking video campaign designed to spark and support practical conversations about sexual violence among Millennial men (ages 15-25). This campaign will help advance dialogue about sexual assault and abuse, inspire support for survivors and change the culture that allows sexual violence to take place at all.

In partnership with individual and/or institutional creators, this campaign will formally launch a YouTube library of short (60-90 seconds), practical videos that can serve as a way to make sexual assault prevention and response education scalable and accessible to anyone with a cell phone.

To ensure broader reach and amplification, The Uncomfortable Conversation, Inc. will launch a public campaign featuring the videos and contributing partners. This campaign will consist of targeted media pitching, blog posts, and outreach to partners likely to use this video content for curricular purposes, including campuses, fraternities, sports teams, high schools, and other organizations focused on sexual assault prevention and response. This content is not designed to replace curriculum, only to enhance it, and will be offered free-of-charge. The campaign will launch in mid-August 2017 and run through the end of October 2017.

There are many ways to engage with this project as an individual creator, an organization or brand, or a member of the creative community: 

  • Contribute content ideas. Will video content support your efforts to train others on sexual assault prevention or response? Let us know how we can help. Are there conversations you’ve had about sexual violence that helped you as a survivor or advocate? Help us educate others on what they can do and say.
  • Host or organize a 2-hour video shoot. Depending on the flavor of your network, we can help with brainstorming content, issue advising, writing dialogue or providing actors and/or videographers. You can do this with a group or just with a friend or two. All content contributors will be recognized as project partners.
  • Participate in a video shoot organized by The Uncomfortable Conversation. To date, we’ve hosted 2 shoots resulting in 50 videos for the campaign. Volunteers include people with acting experience, logistics support, and videographers.
  • Host a premiere party. We’ll be rolling these videos out in style. Do you have a location perfect for a premiere party? Food or beverage you’d love to contribute? Or would you serve on a host committee and make sure amazing people are in the room?
  • Build our distribution network. Don’t have the time or talent to produce a video? That’s okay! Sign on as an amplification partner, and help us reach those who want to talk about it. As an amplification partner, you can help make introductions to schools, conferences and other platforms where we can showcase this work.