Thank you, Cecile Richards, for an inspirational speech at Brown University’s 120 Years of Women Celebration and for sharing Marge Piercy’s words.  I left the weekend feeling moved, empowered, and just enough angry to recommit myself to fighting the injustices that still exist in our world.


Alone, you can fight,


you can refuse, you can


take what revenge you can


but they roll over you.


But two people fighting


back to back can cut through


a mob, a snake-dancing file


can break a cordon, an army


can meet an army.


Two people can keep each other


sane, can give support, conviction,


love, massage, hope, sex.


Three people are a delegation,


a committee, a wedge. With four


you can play bridge and start


an organization. With six


you can rent a whole house,


eat pie for dinner with no


seconds, and hold a fund raising party.


A dozen makes a demonstration.


A hundred fill a hall.


A thousand have solidarity and your own newsletter;


ten thousand, power and your own paper;


a hundred thousand, your own media;


ten million, your own country.


It goes on one at a time,


It starts when you care


to act, it starts when you do


it again after they said no,


it starts when you say We


and know who you mean, and each


day you mean one more.


We can fight sexual violence together, one at a time, until we have our own newsletter, media, and country.