One of the most powerful tools we can provide for survivors of sexual assault and abuse is hope.  When facing the pain and suffering that accompanies sexual violence, hope can seem like a distant joke.  As friends and family of survivors, as members of a community that does not tolerate sexual violence, and as survivors who have been fortunate enough to heal, we can collectively hold hope for others.


As we prepare to Walk for Change this morning, I am sending out a rainbow of hope to my sisters and brothers who are still surrounded by darkness:


1.  Just get through today.  Tomorrow will bring something new.

2. Feelings come in waves.  Ride this one out, and the next one might not be so rough.

3. You will be understood.  Keep talking until someone listens.

4. There are people cheering for you and you don’t even know it.  I’m one of them!

5. If you are breathing, you already know how to survive.