I just bought Stephen Levine's book, A Year to Live.  In this book, Levine explores what it is like to live in the face of death.  He chronicles his personal journey of imagining his own death, and how deepening his relationship to death brought him more fully into his own life.

In these past few months, I have felt my own priorities shifting in a seismic way, feeling more rooted in the myself and clear about who and how I want to be in the world.  This expresses itself as a refreshed understanding of what is really important in life, and spending my energy and spirit in those places.

I can think of at least 100 things that would immediately rise to the top of the list if this were my last year on earth: The trees outside my window.  Watching my husband sleep.  Early morning writing. Calling my friends to tell them I love them.  Reconnecting with people who have touched my heart.  Hot green tea (that is probably already on my list!).  Stretching.  Walking.  Yawning.  Breathing.  Napping.  Cleaning up = metaphorically, not literally.  Getting up to watch the sunrise.  Talking to my neighbors.  Fresh air.  Appreciating the universe's gifts of synchronicity.  Incense.  Yoga.  Prayer.  Just to name a few.

Even more telling, there are the 100 things that would no longer be important, the things that probably would stop mattering at all.  It's not that I imagine dramatic changes in my day-to-day life, because I am fulfilled by the things that matter the most: my family and friends, my vocation, and the adventures I have been lucky enough to have.  It's more about the degree to which I soak in the small things, focus on what matters, and spend energy on the things that truly matter the most.  

If this were your last year on earth, what would you change?  What is on your list of 100 things?